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Reading 4-4-2 Camelback

After working on three camelbacks for some of my friends (upgraded the original work by adding some details, improved handrails, can motor, and a firebox backhead) I decided that I would like one for my railroad. Since the Reading Railroad used them extensively, I decided to model mine after the Reading 4-4-2. I have two other Reading locomotives, a non-camelback Atlantic and a Pacific. All these models started out as Gilbert Atlantics.

For the camelback I used the diecast four-piece boiler and started cutting and moving details around. The steam dome had to be moved and air tanks added above the firebox. The Reading camelback only had one air pump (the non-camelback Atlantic did have the two Gilbert modeled) so I removed one of the cast on pumps and added a box on the running board. In addition to the boiler details, which included all new handrails, I made a full set of valve linkage and eccentric rods.

After cutting the cab off I extended the firebox about a quarter inch and added the bulkhead and firebox doors. The wide Wooten fireboxes usually had two firebox doors so the fireman could get coal to all corners of the firebox. I also added a platform for the fireman.

The original cab roof was modified and reinstalled above the firebox.

For the locomotive cab I took a cab off a Gilbert Casey Jones type locomotive. It had to be narrowed a bit and cut to length. The roof end trim and windows also had to be modified. The smokestack was also used from the Casey Jones. The original diecast smokestack was way too short when the new cab was installed so the taller one from the Casey Jones was used.

A cast brass bell, generator and injector were added detail parts. Brass strips were used to make the new running boards, both below the cab and along the firebox.

The tender is a standard Gilbert Atlantic type, with S Helper trucks, handrails and markers added.

Electronically it has a can motor (the shorter 0-8-0 version) and an electronic reverse unit. The smoke unit is standard Gilbert.

The finished product is a fine addition to my growing railroad and now Reading is represented by three locomotives.

Reading 4-4-2 Camelback Running on Jeff's S Gauge Layout (4:00)

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