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Ken McNelly received a thank you plaque and trophy on March 29, 2023 thanking him for over 20 years of leading the Tidewater Division. The Tidewater Division members gathered at Kelly's Tavern to have lunch and celebrate.
The first organizational meeting for the Tidewater Division of the Atlantic Coast S Gaugers was held on February 11, 2001, at the home of Jeff Hill in Newport News, Virginia. Standing in front of Jeff Hill's layout, from the left, are charter members Jeff Hill, Lee Schaal, Ken McNelly, and Bob Stall.
Members of the Tidewater Division building their modular layout in June 2002.
Here's the Tidewater Division members setting up and testing modules in July 2002. The division added four wider straight modules designed for accessories. The buttons can be seen along the front edge.
The club purchased an SHS track-cleaning car from Many New Products, one of the club's sponsors. The car has two motors that turn cleaning pads at high speed as the car is pulled around the track. Pads are self-adhesive and really do a terrific job!
Another brainchild of Ken's, the Tidewater Division has become a popular club at local shows with the addition of its Thomas junior engineer's cab, seen here with Jeff, Lee, Andy and Ken. Kids sit inside and operate the controls for a Thomas engine that runs on a third track around he club layout. There is always a waiting line for this one!
Here's the gang on December 27, 2003, surrounding Jeff Hill's layout. The group met to plan for the January Greenberg show, eat some good food, and, of course, run tains! From left to right, Dale, Jeff, Nathan, Ken, Dan, Bob, Lee, Andy, and Jim.
Here is a picture of Jeff and Lee discussing the finer points of train control in front of an impressive display of passenger trains at the 2008 Christmas party.
This is an overall view of the Tidewater Division modular layout at the NMRA 2008 show. The transformers are now on the outside of the layout to help with train control and for better interaction with the public.

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