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Erector Merry-Go-Round and Ferris Wheel and Erector Parachute Jump     Scroll down for the Lego Trains

As I mentioned I also use the train table to assemble Erector models. These pictures are of some of the larger Erector models. They are all of the Amusement Park series from Erector sets from the early 1950s. The Merry-Go-Round was made from no. 10 ½ sets and the Ferris Wheel was made from a number 8 ½ set (from a 1952 set in a cardboard box - cardboard because of Korean War metal shortages).

The Parachute Jump was made from no. 10 ½ set.

These sets are an impressive sight when they are all operated at the same time.

Video of the three Erector set models in action. (2 min.)

Lego Trains

Every once in a while I have a chance to set up my Lego trains on the train table in my train room. This table is used for building Lego sets, Erector sets, puzzles, and running my American Flyer S Gauge trains.

The Lego sets included in this display include

3225 Classic Train,
4532 Level Crossing,
4536 Hopper Car,
4537 Twin Tank,
4543 Railroad Tractor Flatbed,
4546 Road N' Rail Maintenance,
two 4547 Railroad Club Car,
4549 Road N' Rail Hauler,
4551 Trolley Locomotive,
4552 Road N' Rail Repair,
4554 Metro Station,
4555 Freight Loading Station,
4558 Metroliner,
4559 Cargo Railway,
4561 Railway Express,
4563 Load N' Haul Railroad,
4564 Freight Rail Runner,
4565 Freight & Crane Railway,
two 10015 Passenger Car,
two 10020 Santa Fe Super Chief,
three 10022 Santa Fe Cars Set II,
two 10025 Santa Fe Cars Set I,
and a 10133 Burlington Northern Santa Fe Locomotive.
And, of course, the 10243 Parisian Restaurant.

Lego trains in action! (6:43)

Lego trains around the Christmas tree. (7:58)

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