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Jeff Hill was one of the newest members of the Virginia Central Division of the Atlantic Coast S Gaugers when he helped form the Tidewater Division.

Jeff's Lionel Mikado with a custom-made smoke unit (3:28)

New smoke unit in Jeff's Lionel Blue Comet Pacific (1:56)

Running trains at Jeff's, December 3, 2011. This shows the progress on my new layout with the Big Boy and new Challenger. My hot rod buds came over to see that layout and a wreck. They got what they came for! (6:26)

Jeff's twin American Flyer 0-8-0 switchers pull a long train. (5:40)

Three American Flyer steam switch engines - a triple header - pulling a mixed freight train. (2:13)

Three American Flyer 0-8-0 switchers pull a long train of hopper cars on Jeff's S Gauge layout. (3:59)

Joe Deger's custom-made B&O Royal Blue train makes a special visit to Jeff's S Gauge layout. The B&O streamliner models the Royal Blue train of 1937 with the bullet-nosed locomotive and eight passenger cars. This train is a fast runner (but has a good range of speeds, from very slow to FAST). At time 3:20 it did a special speed run around the layout. It was timed at doing a scale 132 mph. This is based on calculations provided by Ron LaFever in the July 2008 Railroad Model Craftsman. The train covered 12 feet in 3.96 seconds. For more pictures of this train go to Joe's B & O Royal Blue train page. (4:16)

Jeff's Frontiersman Freight (1:01)

Initial run of the new "cell phone flatcar" on Jeff's layout. (8:46)

Jeff invites others to run their S gauge trains on his layout. Here, Ken Jones runs his brand new American Models SD-70 engines on Jeff's layout. (2:21)

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