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2023 ACSG Northern Florida Division Train Show Schedule

Please check again for more Northern Florida Division train show information.

Please check again for more Northern Florida Division train show information.


Northern Florida Division Special Issue Commemorative Boxcar


The Northern Florida Division of the Atlantic Coast S Gaugers has over 40 members on the roster with an average group of 10 members at any given meeting. Our modular layout has 10 modules and is stored in an enclosed trailer for easy transport to/from train shows and community events.

If you are in the northern Florida area, and interested in joining the Atlantic Coast S Gaugers, please contact Larry.

Larry A. Shughart
5216 Lourcey Road
Jacksonville, FL 32257-1146
Office: (904) 292 3000
Mobile: (352) 284 1250

The Atlantic Coast S Gaugers is a club is designed with the utmost flexibility in mind. Each of you can decide how intensely you want to be involved, what activities you want to participate in or not, and what aspect of the hobby you wish to pursue. If someone wants to only come to a couple of meetings a year, that is fine. if someone only wants to work on a module and participate with that, then great. If someone wants to start a newsletter, facilitate a trip, and/or organize a swap meet, then we will see who in the group wants to help them achieve their vision.

Our aim is to provide a place and time where the group can gather informally on a regular basis, talk about trains, help each other on projects, share ideas, and promote the hobby by showing a modular layout.

We hold a regular meeting on the 3rd Saturday of every month at Larry's barn, from 7:00 to 9:30 PM. All are welcome. People take turns bringing snacks and drinks. We work on the modular layout, run members' latest acquisitions, help each other with repair jobs, and have fun operating Larry's 60 x 35 layout.

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