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January 2021 - Sharing what Santa brought you for Christmas

The North Florida Division of the Atlantic Coast S Gaugers held their regular monthly meeting at Larry's Barn on January 16, 2021. Seven members were in attendance, plus Angel.

The theme for the evening was: 'S'haring what 'S'anta brought you for Christmas. The video opens with some candid shots of the club members. Chuck is showing off his new FEC shirt that Santa brought him.

The next section highlights the new train shelves Larry got for Christmas, the lower 3 were added to each end of the layout, below the existing shelves. One set of new shelves holds the PRR collection and the other end has the American Flyer link coupler collection. Larry also got a Florida East Coast ES44AC locomotive, that is an exact model of the train that goes by Larry's house 10 times per day. Santa brought two locomotives, but one had to go back for repair as the electronics did not work out of the box.

The last section of the video features Lloyd Lippert's Christmas present which he bought from Larry's mom after dad passed away. It is an original Gilbert American Flyer Missouri Pacific Eagle passenger set that is especially meaningful because Larry's mom bought this for Larry's dad for Christmas in 1968. Lloyd carefully cleaned and serviced the set, and this is the first time it ran in over 40 years!


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