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Mark Laszlo's Model Train Display

Our January 2019 meeting was held at the home of Mark Laszlo with 7 members attending. Mark has been a member of the NFD since its inception, but this was his first hosting event. Mark is an avid collector of trains, Porsches (several real ones and thousands of diecast models), Pontiac GTO Models, and over 400 Teddy Bears. Mark's train collection is quite unique in that he has hundreds of pieces of rolling stock in all scales from Z to G, but everything is Chessie System. Mark's grandfather was a steam locomotive engineer on the B & O and operated the last steam locomotive in revenue service before taking it to the roundhouse one final time. Mark does maintain a very nice N scale layout that is portable and fits in the back of his Porsche to display at train shows. These pictures show Mark's S gauge collection displayed along with several rows of HO, N, and Z. The row in the front is "Hallmark" scale, even tinier than Z!! There are also walls of O and G gauge Chessie cats not pictured here. We like these pictures showing S gauge as the dominant size!!


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