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More photos of Tom Robinson's Tennessee Central layout

Approaching Harriman
Crossville (Nashville in background)
Harriman industrial area
Mainline between Harriman & Rockwood
Harriman Downtown
Harriman (Crossville & Emory Gap in background)
Union Station Train Shed
Back Street Nashville
Trains ready to leave Nashville (Crossville & Emory Gap in background)
Southern Junction Yard, Ready track, Roundhouse
Turntable & Roundhouse
Tennessee Central (TC) American Models FA & B and Southern SHS F3 passenger trains leaving Nashville Union Station.
TC passenger train leaving Rockwood, American Flyer arriving, TC on upper tier.
Turntable & roundhouse in TC Nashville Southern Junction Yard.
Close up of TC American Models FA & B pulling onto turntable.
TC passenger train leaving Emory Gap, TC pacific holds at semaphore, TC SHS consolidation entering tunnel on transition track, coal train below.
TC passenger leaving Emory Gap, TC SHS consolisation about to enter tunnel on transition track, mixed freight below.
TC American Models Pacific with mixed freight leaving Emory Gap, while TC American Models FA & B holds at station, TC coal trains below.
TC S-Helper consolidation approaches Harriman while TC mixed freight clears mainline, heading through Cumberland Mountains.
TC S-Helper consolidation with coal hoppers and TC American Models Pacific mixed freight passing through Cumberland Mountains.

This is Tom's "This is S Gauge" layout at the NASG Convention in Steamtown.
Tall plexiglass panels protect the layout from probing hands.

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